If B was halfway on the line A-C, and
halfway was not the whole way, Zeno
could not get from A to C, for once at B,
the remaining segment B-C must also
have a halfway point which was not the
whole way, and on and on and on.

It was a logical paradox, a flaw in logic.
Zeno’s pals must have thought it briefly
amusing before turning to their affairs,
but Zeno was truly baffled by the finite
distance infinitely divided.

Poor lad, how could he have known
the last tiny segment was time-like,
not space-like...that he was always
arriving at C, now and now and now.

He might have aimed at D, double the
distance to C, as reaching midpoints
was never in doubt.

Passing through the world each year
from Greenland to Patagonia and back,
the Arctic Tern flies 21,000 miles. The
earthworm eats and excretes his route
as he goes, the world passing through him.
And Gnostics go to heaven before they die.
So many ways home.

But never arriving, poor Zeno plods his
logical way from midpoint to midpoint to
midpoint:    E? Yes.
                   F? Yes.
                   G? Yes...
                   X? Yes.
                   Y? Yes.
                   Z? .......No!