The mystic ways?
They’ll open!
Though hidden in the maze,
They do disclose themselves at last,
The secret passageways.
The golden sunsets calling
To pioneering men,
From mountain passes Westward
Unto the West again
Are ways beset with monsters,
Threshold guardians stationed there,
To turn the cowardly away,
Thralls of desire and fear.
These dragons of things double
By which the world is cursed,
Are illusory paired opposites,
SELF and OTHER being first.
These we must abandon.
These must be overcome.
Nothing paired is real;
Reality is ONE.
The tunnel to tomorrow,
The hole in the sky,
The path become the avenue,
To boulevards on high,
The chariots of transport,
The ravishment that saves,
The floods through which we all must rise
To walk upon the waves,
Single-pointed meditations
That strip the senses bare,
Sudden eternities entire
Time ended and you there,
Are sunset revelations
To noble hero-souls,
Righteous victors over Self
Who point the ways and goals.
The first steps are the hardest,
Forsaking childish things,
Till stepping, walking, running,
We abdicate for wings.
Death is daily! Is it not?
To gain a light and grow
The way is strewn with corpses
Of dark selves we forgo,
Like the moon that sheds his shadow,
The snake that sheds his skin,
We die and die before we die
Then die and live again.
To gain a glory, egos perish.
Be courageous. Let them go.
The brave are said to die but once;
I say they never do...
And life is just a practice
Coached by stern and mystic fates.
Dauntless we die to gain a grace,
Super-conciousness awaits.