Wayfarer, Wayfarer

Wayfarer, wayfarer, how do you fare?
On bitter vittles and orts of despair.

Hopes and wishes -- magic beans
Disappointments -- wilted greens
Dreams of romance -- rainbow trout
Unrequited -- sauerkraut
Seaside vistas -- lobster bisque
Minnesota -- lutefisk
Music prodigy -- precious truffle
Justin Bieber -- ihop waffle
Barack Obama -- fine fettucini
President Donald Trump -- a wienie
Words you can’t rhyme -- spinach, orange
Call it slant rhyme -- creme blancmange
Happy grandpa -- cherry coke
Old curmudgeon -- artichoke
High cholesterol -- bacon, liver
Futile physic -- Centrum Silver
Friends that turn away -- cold cuts
Loss of focus, failure -- nuts
Random chances -- succotash
Desperation -- sour mash
Inspiration -- beef pot roast
Degradation, shame -- burnt toast
Faded memories -- weak teas
Loss of dignity -- hard cheese
Doubt, confusion -- meatless stew
Guilt, dishonor -- bark and rue
Ennui, boredom -- daily bread
Pride and hubris -- mercury, lead
Middle age, ill health -- a bone
Mortality and death -- a stone

But how fare you, wayfarer... tell.
Half a loaf?! Then fare thee well.