The telegraph, Marconi's pride,
A boon to panics worldwide,
Sped news of crashing markets.

Gossip's gift, the telephone,
Of neighbors better left alone
Made easy targets.

On the internet we goo-goo Google
Like Yahoos in a boat,
Yet we're scanning galaxies
For creatures more remote.

What wisdom might be in the stars
Really doesn't matter.
All we seek is chatter.

Now armed with cell-phone screens,
Our toddlers and our teens
Need never be "alone"... that quiet zone
Where once identities were grown...
Perpetual communication
Replacing meditation.

Books, newspapers, and print,
Antique bowers of literacy,
Give way to idiocy.

Fatuous "forwards" LOL
Don't bear repeating.
We'll be found among the ruins
Twittering and tweeting.