I love Roomette
Conductor my way
I’ll diner and sleeper
Go Santa Fe!

Go Zephyr, go Reading
Go Cannonball, go
Go Wabash, Penn Central,
Soo Line, B & O!

My train of thought
Is off the rails
My motives loco
My coupling fails

My crossings get crosser
Oh, clickety-clack
I huff and puff
I blow my stack

Back somewhere
Switches got switched
I’m now on a siding
My hitches unhitched

My tender is tougher
My fittings are loose
No steam in the boiler
No working caboose.

My engine nears
The terminal sign
Semaphores signal
End of the line

Broken ties, riprap
Cinders, and ash
Run-away wreckage
Imminent crash

Spare me the scrap heap
Crosby, Stills, and Nash
Take me to the roundhouse
On The Marrakesh Express