All points in time are coexistant.

If you eat a peach, you eat it today.
If you have chores to do, you must do them today.
If you have games to play, you can only play them today.
If you have bills to pay, you will pay them today.
If you have memories of yesterday, you have them only today.
If you need to think about tomorrow, you can only think about it today.
If you have hopes for the future, you only hope those hopes today.
If you will do a thing, it is only today's intention. You will today.
            You may never do the thing, but if you do it, you will do it today.
If you think you will go to heaven, you think so only today.
If you go to heaven, you go today.
If the world ends, it ends today.
If it doesn't happen today, it doesn't happen.
If you love someone, you can only love them today.
            Do it today.