Three Christian Octets

What Food?

What food for our starvation?
What drink to slake our thirst?
If none, perhaps the ravening
Must be examined first.
For such a modest journey,
Abbreviated stay,
A bit of bread and sip of wine
Might get us through the Day.


No Perfection would create
A frailty so small,
Or set so high a standard
As would enslave us all.
Divinity must then be hedged
By frailties of Its own.
We may hope Mercy one of these
As imaged in the Son.

The Lion and the Dove

Lion:    Action is its own relief.
Dove: Love's only joy is love.
Lion:    Christ the King, a lion...
Dove: Christ the perfect dove...
Lion:    How fair the Felix Culpa;
             How fortunate the Fall...
Dove: Where death is all that never dies
            And Self the only all.