Things That Never Were

Rivers once were barriers
That kept us from the land;
Now the continent is ours
And all the rivers spanned.

The boy who once watched
Orville Wright rise from a windy dune
Still marveling that men could fly,
Watched men walk on the moon.

Through slavery and lynching bee,
Jim Crow and segregation,
A people kept a Dream alive
That still transforms a nation.

Sancho Panza followed... doubting,
Slow to trust, slow to believe.
The dreamer, Don Quixote led.
To lead is to conceive!

Isaiah's "suffering servant,"
Through long Captivity,
Storied and sustained the Jews
Till One said, "I am He."

Blind evolution bodied forth
All things that never were,
Bequeathing finally to Man
To see the way from here.

Evolutionary change was slow;
The Spirit of Man now speeds it.
How easier what never was will be
To unencumbered spirit.

The golden city on the hill,
Jerusalem, yet gleams.
If you've no Heaven for your own,
Reconsult your dreams.