The Sensible and True Avouch

Whenever I see mermaid nymphs
            fishtail among the blue
            and white-capped billows of the sky,
            I think of you.

Whenever I see naiad babes
            that wink and hum and coo
            among the drooping daffodils
            or sip the scented dew
            at yellow banks of asphodel,
            I always think of you.

Whenever I see autumn elms
            unbending in the air
            that dip their branching burdens
            of avocado-pear,
            or warm dressed reaper-maidens
            come pluck the honeydew
            that ripens in my maple tree,
            my love, I think of you.

Whenever I see green macaw
            and purple cockatoo
            come flirt in apple orchards
            and burst the golden view
            of hay ricks in September grain
            with emerald love and azure pain,
            sweetheart, I think of you.

When ever I see midnight rainbows
            whirling up to cheer
            a universe of blasted worlds
            or cool auroras veer
            to dance among the galaxies diaphanous
            and spew
            their milky sprays of liquid star
            from Juno's black'ning breast afar,
            all ways, I think of you.

I can't get you out of my mind.