Harridan, hoyden, harpy, hag,
Virago, vixen, hussy, bag.

Hustler, hooker, harlot, tramp,
Ball and chain, seductress, vamp.

Coquette, biddy, bimbo, crumpet,
Slattern, sloven, trollop, strumpet.

Medusa who turned men to stone,
Ogress, gorgon, baggage, crone.

Medea, Hecate, snitch, bitch, witch,
Floozy, gossip, blab, and ditz.

Courtesan, trull, bawd, and doxy,
Scarlet, fallen, loose, and foxy.

Old bat, chicky, hen, cow, jade,
Drab, crab, wench, and scullery-maid.

Skank, skag, yenta, temptress, quail,
Groupie, bird, moll, doll, flirt, frail.

Lizzy Borden, cat from hell,
Mata Hari, Jezebel.

Sybil, Circe, Sycorax,
Siren, Lilith, battle-ax.

Femme fatale, frump, scold, scrag, wretch,
Shrew, minx, tart, tease, nag, noodge, kvetch.

Many more, for ladies of the night,
The names too florid to recite.

What other creature can you name
That words conspire so to defame?

A mock of language to abhor us,
Enough to fill its own thesaurus.

Who is so low and vile, so grim,
To merit death by synonym?

Is there some word list of restoratives
To balance this one of pejoratives? No?

And who’s in charge of language then?
Oh, yes. I had forgot. It’s men.