Them Apples

You’ve heard of “the one bad apple,” of course,
but there’s never just one in the bushel.
It’s worse.
Bad apples, like apostles of rot,
nuzzle and jostle good apples about
passing on their wormy spots
till even the good apple rots.
Thus the world was begotten rotten in Eden,
where the “one bad apple” was Eve’s,
and her children begot a line of thieves,
uptight about birthright,
putrid with cupidity,
till no apple
fell far from the tree.

Or when nefarious Eris,
goddess of discord,
bowled her apple of gold,
arming disharmony’s armies, of course,
and Trojan wars,
and the Trojan horse,
rotten apples of injured Pride
multiplied on every side.
Down through the ages
it rages,
and modern,
mankind still grapples
with them apples.

All this was avoidable, of course.
We need not have gone
from worse to worse.
Even in Eden we detected,
but apparently rejected,
or at least neglected
to apply
a good apple’s
(and injured pride’s)
easy remedy,
apple’s true science: