The House By The Sea

I had a dog when I was three,
A dog named Jim who stayed by me
In my yard beside the sea.
One day in May I called for Jim.
By yard and sea I looked for him.
But Jim no more would ever be
In my arms beside the sea.

I had a love at twenty-three,
To fill my arms and be with me
In our home beside the sea.
When she kissed me first, she said,
"We'll plant a yew tree when we wed
In our yard beside the sea."
And now she lies beneath the tree.

I had a God, the One in Three.
He was a comforter to me
In my house beside the sea.
One winter day I did embark
Upon the sea so cold and dark.
And now, oh Lord, all praise to Thee,
I have my arms around all three.