The Fine Red Hen
           for Delilah

A cat there was
And a three-legged dog,
Some eider ducks
And a spotted hog
On grampa's farm
When I was ten,
A cow, a goat, and
A fine red hen.

There were crows in the woods,
And snakes in the bog,
And a woodchuck to worry
For the three-legged dog.
The barn had swallows,
And a little brown wren
Sang in the garden by
The fine red hen.

Green were the summers,
The winters cold.
The ducks flew away,
And the cow got sold.
The hog went for pay
To the hired men,
And I gathered eggs of
The fine red hen.

I studied the arts,
And read for the law,
And tried to make sense
Of the world I saw,
But the finest poets
And the wisest men
Were not as fine as
The fine red hen.

I'm old now. Things
I thought were known,
Like eider ducks,
Have up and flown.
And I'd learn better
(Could I learn again)
The lessons of
The fine red hen.