The Blackbird in the Coppice

"The blackbird in the coppice, Jill,
           O, hear his warning song.
The afternoon is fading fast,
           And we have tarried long."

"For shame, my Jack. The sun is high.
           The valley glade is fair,
And arm-in-arm, while time is ours,
           There's one more path to share."

"The coppice path, they say, is drear.
           The coppice flower, Jill,
They say is poisonous as bane.
           The blackbird sings of ill."

"Then let us haste away, my Jack.
           I know a pleasant bower
That has a sweeter song, my love,
           And boasts a fairer flower."

"Lead on then, Jill. I follow.
           And let the day be ours.
Brave hearts brave any sorrow,
           No braver heart than yours."

"O Jack, what happiness was here!
           O, afternoon of bliss!
Long after we have wed, my love,
           We shall remember this."

"Speak no more of weddings, Jill.
           The evening hour nighs.
The blackbird's in the coppice, Jill,
           And blackbird never lies."