Diner Manager: “Oh, hey! Safe drivers save forty percent!”
First Cook: “Check it out!  Safe drivers save forty percent!”
Second Cook:        “Yeah. Safe drivers save forty percent!”
Male Guest:        “It’s him. Safe drivers save forty percent!”
Female Guest:          “It is! Safe drivers save forty percent!”

“See now, there’s the miracle of advertising,” says I to Wifey. “Repetition. That slogan is now engrained in America’s psyche. No one doesn’t know where that comes from when they hear it.”

“Also they can’t tell you what insurance company it is. Is it Progressive, State Farm, Aetna, Farmers, Liberty Mutual? Can YOU tell me? You can’t. So what good is it? Is it just repetition-gibberish you think is a miracle? Don’t be a fool.”

“Yeah, but you have to admit it sticks in your head.”

“Don’t be a fool.”

“Like ‘Roto-Rooter. That’s the name. And away go troubles down the drain.’ A whole plumbing industry based on a simple repeated rhyme.”

“Don’t be a fool.”

“OK, yeah, but ... I mean repetition can be effective. Sometimes.”

“Don’t be a fool.”

“Why do you keep saying that?”

“Because you’re a fool.”

“Oh, I see. You’re using repetition. Why?”

“To show you’re a fool.”

“I was just mentioning an ad is all. You don’t have to be mean about it. Let’s think of something happy we could do today, okay? What would you like to do, walk the dogs, eat out on the deck, read, go for a drive?”

“Safe drivers save forty percent?”

“Never mind.”