It's a Good Book, but it's not
The Author's only work,
As if Creators suffered
Writer's block.

God moves the minds of many,
Moses', Isaiah's, Jeremiah's.
Grant inspiration then and call them
His ideas.

The Greeks and Romans had no single book
Of gods and sacred glories.
Literature was religion, all their plays
And stories.

In truth the Jews were just the same.
At first no single book,
But many tales ungathered,
Until The Pentateuch.

Binding myth in Bibles,
As if the Diety would
End His inspiration, denies
A living God.

Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton
Have all been to the mountain,
Inspired for us by the Selfsame,
Living fountain.

Our thinkers all are Moses.
The Spirit thrives and varies.
The sacred missal gathers still
In our libraries.