Tallest Tale

The virgin grape
In Paradise
Did plump her shape
For simple seed.
Her intent
Her simple need
Was what God meant
And had in mind:
Seed of her seed
Out of her kind.
To complement
The Eden plan
(God knows why)
He made a Man
A fancy ape
Whose complex use
Unlike the grape
Was to abuse
The perfect plan
The simple juice
To please the Man.
Grape was sampled.
Juice was good.
Grape was trampled.
Perfect blood
In passion shed
Man and Satan
Mad distiller
Drink they did.
So began
Lees of sin.
But Salvation
Seed of Man
And Virgin blood
In agitation
All unsettled
With Passion’s poetry
Decant a wine
He had in Mind
A greater good
Seed of His kind.
O day historic!
Simple seed
Made metaphoric
Mind upgraded
Over shape
Wine made sacred
In the grape
As in the Child
Plan and Father
Are revealed
Via Mother.
Now one thing
Can be another
Transcends itself
Like poetry
And Two are One
Father is Son
But One is more
World too
And You.
Forgive the rape.
We are the wine.
We were the grape.