Syllabytes: Short verbal constructs that, for the logophile,
                           may reward a second read (probably not a third).

hurt horse                                     AARP Gold:
spurts                                           a trophy for
on the                                           atrophy
of the
spur                                             midwife:
                                                   what my 3rd wife
                                                   calls my 2nd
down went
at the dawn
of crack                                        I intuit
                                                   into it
as a fact                                      a wildebeest from
of matter                                      head to tail -
                                                   I gnu it all along

go codes
grow as                                               a SARAH PALINdrome:
coeds go                                      Eva, can I harass Sarah in a cave?

colonoscopies                              demands of
copy                                            desire land
e coli                                           madmen in
colonies                                       ireland

use your
headsman                                    sporty
plan a head                                  sorts order
                                                   pot, port,
                                                   or porter
I'll fly
the bed
I die in                                         the sonnet
I lie in                                          sailor needs
                                                   a line between
                                                   the reads
the engraved
                                                  men aging
                                                  can't manage
birdland                                       ménages.
singers                                        DAMAGE!
wing it

suicide:                                                  O zero
to be or to not be                                Zero, naught, or
in split finitives                              Every little Russian lake
                                                      Round as O in Oz
                                                           O z e r o
drowning is

swimming lapse                           This sentence is not true.
                                                               - O.J. Simpson?