Swiss Army Wife

For Slade,
the larger blade
by the Swiss Army Wife
he married
cut deepest,
but when he’d hedge
the smaller
with the serried edge
less precisely
ripped nicely.
The heft and feel
of her tempered steel
made him real and reel,
and her tiny shears
kept him trim
behind the ears.
For any minor flaw,
she’d unfold
her sharp-toothed saw,
or, when things got tense,
her battle opener
made sense.
The raspy file
cured him of guile,
and every fool
needs the five inch rule
to align him
and refine him
before it’s too late,
to take his measure
and set him straight.
And when he
would cork off ...
as he was want to do ...
the spiral
You’ll depend
upon her
to save your life!
The power-packed,
Swiss Army Wife.