Super Seller
          - to our realtor, Moose Giannetti
So after revealing a peeling ceiling, you’re selling
a dwelling with smelling welling cuz it’s a rehab
from a meth lab, the owner a known stoner? 
Cement casement defacement in the basement,
toad humps in the sump-pumps, and a witch in
the kitchen? 
A muddy study, bloody gobs in the lobby, spotty
closet deposits, and ten dead men in the den?
Mushrooms in the washrooms, staph and rosacea
in the soffit and facia, and sauerkraut sprouting
from the shower grouting?
Black bears living in the back stairs, a dead Dodge
in the garage with a skunk in the trunk, and a sex
store next door? 
And everyone knows it, cuz you gotta disclose it? 
Don’t worry! Just tell it!  You know Moose can sell it.