Sum It

Sum place
Sum won
Sum total
Sum fun
Sum time
Sum weigh
Sum wear
Sum day
Sum arise
Sum are squash
Sum are salt
Sum chew us
Sum I circle
Sum I tarry
Sum I divine
Sum marry
Sum I detached
Sum I automated
Sum I retired
Sum pull Simon
Sum pull tons
Sum pull sentences
Sum pull sums
I add a goodbye
What adieu?
I’d a lott’ry
I’d a hoe
Ida Tarbell
I dunno
Ida Lupino
Sum I pros
Ida Rose, O Ida Rose
I add mixtures
I add missions
I add nauseum
I add monitions
I add vantages
I add verbs
I add ventures
I add words
I add vices
I add visers
I add viser
I’ve a retrade
I’ve Rita war
I’ve a rebuilt
What add he?
He add woids
He add mitts
He add noids
He add ministers
He add mires
He add doors
And/door desires
Rita add a point of honor
Rita add a point of order
Rita add a dismal point
Watch! I’ll disappoint her
After math
It all deepens
The dismal point and
The add ends
A gain it ain’t
I againsay
Watch the point