Stop Watch

Twixt wobbly
Of the past
And dreams
Of a wobbly
On the second hand
Of a Stop Watch
That stabs
My heart
Like a suture,
I inch and click and
Stab along,
3000 stabs
An hour.
I feel the movement
Of the spheres
But cannot share
Its power.
The ratchet and
The click wheel,
Torment me
In my sleep.
The pinion, stud,
And balance wheel
Hide any
Clean escape.
A sky, an earth,
A floor, a roof
Presents at every click.
The spheres run slow
And slow will go
Long after I am quick.
From stab to stab,
From jab to jab,
When you were there
To move me,
My stop watch watch
Would stop;
Still then
My time ran smoothly.
Space-time itself
One day will stop
As every stop watch
Still somewhere still,
Still smooth, fair still,
Still you...
When I am dust.