“Someone gave me the finger in traffic just now,” says Wifey coming in from the garage.

“Sonja?!   Sonja wouldn’t do that,” says I.

“SOMEONE!... SOMEONE, not Sonja.”

“Oh, I thought you said Sonja.   Well, were you driving too fast? You drive very fast, you know.”

“I wasn’t driving fast!   I was backing out of a parking stall, and this guy comes
slamming down the line, screeches to stop, lays on his horn, and flips me off. Then he squeals his tires around me and roars off.   Everyone was screaming at him to slow
down.   Totally out to lunch!”

“Hmm, totally. Well, I’m having lunch with Sonja Tuesday, you know.   Shall I ask her
about this ‘finger’ thing?   She was probably just waving hello, I bet. I’ll get an apology, OK?   Or best just to let it slide maybe, huh?   Whataya think?”   WHERE YA GOIN’?”