Raveling Man

I'm a raveling man, a tangled skein,
A nervous, frazzled knot.
I blame my black mood on myself;
I'm the kettle and the pot.

A raveling man, affrayed and shy,
From sleepless nights I git up
To tangled daze, all in a maze.
For me no sleeves are knit up.

My opposites just don't oppose:
My rivals are unrivaled,
I'm flammable and inflammable,
My ravelings, all unraveled.

My ends are loose or wound too tight,
I'm angry, edgy, pissed.
The last thing I need is what I've got:
My knickers in a twist.

My psyche's garb is tattersoul;
My suit of worsted matches.
My enemies are dressed to kill
This thing of shreds and patches.

My underwear is over-worn;
My flowered shirts are seedy;
My silks are polyester, and
My men's wear, mostly tweedy.

My ribbons hang in ribbons;
My threadbare threads are thready;
My three-piece suit's in pieces;
My ready-to-wear? Not ready.

My wardrobe's gayly unisex;
I try not to dis-clothes it.
My Western duds are just for dudes
And won't stay in the closet.

I'm debased, debauched, demented,
Demeaned, delayed, defied,
Deceived, declawed, deserted,
Derailed, deranged, denied.

I'm dependent; I'm degraded;
I'm demoted; I'm denuded;
Deregulated and deflated;
Demolished and deluded.

The music score of this yarn
Is in a common key;
(Much like my high school GPA),
It's mostly writ in "D."

"Straighten up!" all my detractors say.
"Give life your best shot.
If you just think you can, you can!"
I'm thinkin', "GORDEAN....NOT!"