Most things never happen.
            This one will. - Philip Larkin

Think of the things that never will happen.
Think of the souls that never get born.
Think of the suns left uncreated
That never will brighten a beautiful morn.
How many more are the nonexistent
Persons and places and entities NOT,
Than we who rattle about in our beings...
The never to be people God forgot.
Shoulder to shoulder they huddle in nowhere,
Never imagined or thought of or seen,
Orders of magnitude more than the living
Ever can calculate, think of, or dream.
Think of one now then! Most cannot. Can you?
Any small something. Dream it now! Let it be.
Make it grow slowly. Color it. Nurture it.
Make it grow stronger and smarter and free.
Give it a place and a sweet habitation.
You’re its creator. Create at your ease.
Set an elysium for it... an Eden
Of mountains and rivers and meadows and trees.
Make it immortal. Let no death abuse it.
Leave nothing to fates that may sicken or kill.
Death is the mark of a flimsy creation!

Where most things don’t happen...
But this one will.