Brains are for thinking.
Hearts are for love,
Stomach’s for courage
When push comes to shove.

Organs house character;
That’s destiny.
Organs determine
Who you will be.

Liver, pancreas,
Kidney, and spleen
May make you kind, or
May make you mean.

Lung is a windbag,
Big blabbermouth.
Testicles? Trouble!
Get rid of both!

Appendix? A dead end,
Won’t affect fate.
But destiny’s organ?
Dude! Your prostate!

Fishy, squishy
Sperm aquarium
So stingy with its

Arousal, elation,
Joy, regret,

Anxiety, ecstasy,
Broken heart,
Dude, your prostate
Plays a part.

Prostate is Watergate.
You could do time!
Remember the coverup’s
Worse than the crime.

Red urine, incontinence,
Maybe cancer?
Only prostate
Has the answer.

The final answer...
Goes the theory...
Only follows the
Proper query.

And prostate answers
Your last obsession:
To pee or not to pee,
That is the question.