I hear a noisy big foot: STAMP, STOMP, STUMP!
With tiny hands and big flat feet: TRAMP, TROMP, TRUMP!

With the bestest words and bestest brain, he THINK, THANK, THUNK.
Yikes! went the ship of state and SINK, SANK, SUNK.

“Covfefe!   Covefe!   The Art of the Deal”:   DIM, DAM, DUMB!
Casinos and universities: SKIM, SCAM, SCUM!

Handfuls of Twitter-shit he FLING, FLANG, FLUNG,
When Michael Cohen, his fixer SING, SANG, SUNG.

Alarm bells around the world RING, RANG, RUNG.
“We too have tariffs,” said China and STING, STANG STUNG.

“Yikes! We elected a clunker!”   CLINK, CLANK, CLUNK.
And the stock market scrotum SHRINK, SHRANK, SHRUNK.

“We’ve been had!” sang the voters: FOOL, FRAUD, FAKE!
“What beast have we elected: SKINK, SKUNK, SNAKE?”

“A stud horse!” said the porn stars: BOINK, BOINK, BOINK!
“Wrong animal,” said the voters: OINK, OINK, OINK!