Alack, Barack!  Iraq is back!
Alack.  Alack-a-day!
And who’s to show the way?
Afghanistan, again, again.
Obama, is it you?
Hezbollah tra-la tra-la,
Hamo, Hamas, Hamat.
And al-Qaida sits astride a
Pakistani mountain top.
Kim Jong-il will wish you ill.
Fidel and Hugo hate you,
And Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin
Will try to Putin-ate you.
A hitch! A glitch! Blagojevich!
The ills of Illinois!
Watch your back, Barack, Barack,
Our barefoot, beamish boy.
For fear, for fear, Obama dear!
The wears and tears and snares;
The lobbyists and terrorists
May catch you unawares.
There’s Wall Street crooks in all the nooks
Where mortgage lenders prey.
Double, double, housing bubble!
Fraudy Mac and Fraudy Mae!
And once upon a Ponzi,
Madoff paid off the Jews
In heckle-jeckle shekels,
As regulators snoozed.
There's wealth, corruption, greed and graft,
Venal, upper-class sins.
There’s hunger, poverty, disease,
And don’t forget assassins.
Abortion, health care, taxes, guns,
Bailouts, and stimuluses.
It’s not a job for wooses.
Fox News and Rupert Murdoch
May not rate you highly
While being fair and balanced
Like Limbaugh and O’Reilly.
Can you be the Great Ali
And do the rope-a-dope?
Our champion and our hero?
(I hope-I hope-I hope).
You’ll have to be Roy Rogers,
The Lone Ranger, Lash La Rue,
Wyatt Earp, the Cisco Kid,
And Annie Oakley too.
You’ll have to be a man of steel,
Iron, silver, bronze,
Mighty Mouse and Underdog,
The Great White Hope, The Fonz.
You’ll have to be a pop star,
A Captain Kangaroo,
The Beatles or The Bee Gees,
Stevie Wonder, Sting, The Who.
As Caesar’s wife, you must be pure,
As Oprah Winfrey, good.
You’ll have to make the White House
Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.
You must be the Second Coming!
Billy Graham, the Dalai Lama.
O heck!  Have a ding-dong anyway,
Barack Hussein Obama.