Not sold in stores!
No journey needed.
Impossible to get,
Except at home from your comfy chair
By cell
Or internet.

Or phone,
Delivered by UPS
Or drone.
But if less is more,
Here’s what’s really in store:

You can put up the bars
On the multiplex.
For sure it’ll soon be gone,
Your only movie options,
Netflix or Amazon.

And goodbye to the mall
And the retail store.
So long, Macy’s and Sears.
It’ll all be dropped on your
Doorstep now.
You needn’t go out for years.

Keep tabs on friends and family
By Facebook, Twitter, and Skype,
And soon you’ll merely speak your pomes;
You won’t even have to type,
Syntax and usage perfected,
Grammar and spelling corrected.

You’ll never have to
Leave that chair.
Life will be neat and quick.
Food, clothing, shelter, all,
Done by scroll and click.

You needn’t lift a finger!
Fingers will be obsolete.
Screens will respond
To the blink of an eye,
Quick as a pixel and neat.

Arms and legs will be useless too,
Torsos defunct by far,
Organs anachronistic,
Your head will just sit in a jar.

With the guy in the jar beside you,
You’ll discuss the latest trends,
Because AI
Will surely supply
Imaginary friends.

Sex, football, and ski vacations
Can all be done in your head.
And when they finally take you off-line,
You won’t even know you’re dead.

C’est la vie!

Oh... and that jar of yours?
Not sold in stores.