My favorite food’ll
Be the noodle
‘F’you exclude the noodle
Your food’ll be futile
Gramma’s machine’ll
Extrude a noodle
A lot’o noodles
A slew’o noodles
A boodle’o noodles
And her ragout’ll
Include a noodle or two
Her noodle stew too
And entre nous
Even her strudel
Has a noodle
Some yahoo’ll
Eschew a noodle
But no Jew’ll
A Krepl, a farfel or noodle
C’mon, who’d boo a noodle?
I could cuddle a noodle
If “cuddle” said “oo”
But canoodle’ll do
Let’s all canoodle the noodle
If I had poodles
I’d name’m all “Noodles”
Oboes can’t noodle
But a clarinet’ll noodle
And noodle and noodle
And tootle a noodle
To a fine toodle-oo.
A noodle ado
And my cousin Lew
Threw a chewed noodle
(A noodle taboo)
Hitting Pru on the noodle
What a hullabaloo
To pooh-pooh Lew
Pru simply withdrew
Got a noodle tattoo
And what could he do?
Lew knew
He was through
Me too. Toodle-oo