I point, I click, I scan, I scroll,
I start, I search, I quit.
I Yahoo and I YouTube,
I Google and I Twit.

I type, I shift, I file, I send,
I tab, I space, I center.
I bookmark, preview, review, print,
Create, spellcheck, and enter.

I cut, I copy, and I paste,
I Quicken and I Ebay.
I e-mail, forward, and reply,
I save, I bank, I billpay.

I zoom in and out, page up and down,
Log on, log off, log in.
I maximize, I minimize,
I memorize my PIN.

I pause, backspace, delete, erase,
Sign on, escape, and mute.
I sanitize my mouse pad,
Down load, up load, reboot.

I wonder if I’ve lost my soul
To the computer god;
Sometimes iFear iRobot as
iPhone, iPad, iPod.