My Day at School
As I walked to school one day,
A world war began.
Snow flakes were whistling in the air,
Geese flying in a vee,
And before I reached the park,
They hung a black man in a tree.
Mom had packed my lunch box,
And I checked it as I went:
Cheese sandwich, grapes, a cookie.
Then they shot the president.
Mallard ducks were huddled in the park
Beside an icy stream,
And they killed a man in Memphis
Just because he had a dream.
At school Miss Whitman led The Pledge,
And we had Show-and-Tell,
Read stories, had a fire drill,
Ate our sandwiches at noon,
Played kickball during recess,
And a man walked on the moon.
We practiced for the singsong
In the Christmas pageant show
And made paper, snowman cutouts
With holly leaves and mistletoe.
We studied long division,
Improper fractions too,
Lost another Asian war,
And Miss Whitman had us do
Some simple sentence grammar:
Subject, verb, and common noun,
Then some airplanes full of people came
And knocked the towers down.
After school we played marbles
And built leaf forts in the yard.
Snow fell faster toward the evening.
The mallards flew away.
And a black man won the White House.
That was pretty much my day.