(Ode to Tongues)

If self-praise
Be none,
Who speaks for
The tongue?
None can,
For to man
The heard word
Is more than
The sword...
Not the pen,
The ear
More smit
By the spoke
Than the writ.
Most don’t read
But all must heed
When suddenly
By a phrase
Fitly turned,
Or a word
Like a dart
In the
Argument's heart,
The sudden pain
Of a blade
In the brain
From a word
Swiftly set
By tongue’s
Of all
Speakers among,
Who but
The tongue
Can cleverly speak
With himself
In his cheek,
Sarcasm in finery
Dressed up
As irony?
Then tongue
Says to ear,
“Readers take note.
When you shall hear,
That’s all she wrote!”
And if no ear
Will fear
Tongue’s mighty word,
Just pout a pout
Stick it out
And flip the
Facial bird!
In matters
Of food,
To gulp
Is just rude
And distasteful.
Why haste?
Should preside
In matters
Of taste.
Prior to gullet
Let the tongue
Mull it,
Savor the flavor.
We salivate
We masticate
We eat and eat
We’re glad we ate
So much for tongue
We think
But wait
Sans tongue
We couldn’t
Ululate, dictate,
Narrate, orate,
Alliterate, or conjugate,
Elucidate, equivocate,
Expectorate, negotiate,
Intimidate, or intimate,
Prevaricate, vituperate,
Recriminate, or iterate.
And tongue
Is the mallet
On a good
Yodeler’s palate.
If gossip
And blabbing
Lead to
Back stabbing,
Other role
Is damage
When best
To give it
A rest,
Curing violence
With silence.
Dumb down
The mood
And just eat
Your feud.
Or even forked
Tongue won’t
Be denied
Win or lose
Never tied.
Also fine
Is tongue’s design
For keeping rabid
Teeth in line,
Rehashing, and
With a good
Tongue lashing.
While chewing
The fat,
Teeth can
Chew on that!
And stop the
Lose the
No pins, no rings,
No nuts or bolts
Or piercing things.
Neighbors will gag
And tongues will wag.
Give your
Pierced sister
A simple
Tongue twister...
The’ll be a lithper.
But all else above
Is tongue’s role
In love,
For wooing,
Billing and cooing.
If lips be
For kissing