You only
see death
getting nearer
if you look
for your SELF
in the mirror.
Let the world
be your glass,
and as the
years pass,
your SOUL
may grow
freer and
You may think
your eyes
take things IN,
but where
does your
world begin?
When your eyes
look about,
your spirit
pours OUT
and creates
the whole thing
from WITHIN.
As you age,
take a page
from the Buddha.
If you’ve never
read him,
you shoulda.
don’t you see;
it’s an EYE-dentity
of you and the world,
Buddha! Buddha!
So the LIST
of all things
that you knew
about the
whole WORLD
as you grew
was long
if you’re smart
and short
if you aren’t,
but erase it
and you’ve
erased YOU.
Oh! Isn’t that fun!
SELF and OTHER are
E Pluribus Unum;
we’re all
Then just
turn your ears
to the song
of the spheres,
that sweetly
tuned lyre
in the
circling gyre
of Pure Being...
which is Being
with no chance of
not Being.
For the woods are
the voice of
the breeze,
as the birds
are the song
of the trees.
Become a
good hearer;
let the world
be your mirror;
that’s the song of
on the breeze!
Beware then,
If you’re stuck
in your ego,
you’ve plenty
to fear;
just look in
that mirror.
You’re all
skin and bone,
and you’ll die
all alone.
But “A pot poured out
fulfills its spout.” *
Then set your
self free
by learning
to be
one with all
that you see.
Let your soul
be unfurled
and poured out
in the world,
with earth,
sea, and sky
where it never
can die.

                • Samuel Menashe