Meat Loaf Recipe

              Do not go gentle into that good night.
                   Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
                                     - Dylan Thomas

A double recipe
Saves time,
So, four pounds
Ground beef
(No pink slime).
Ten Portobello
Mushrooms, sliced.
One large yellow
Onion, diced.
Four eggs,
Heinz ketchup...
About a cup.
Two packets
Lipton onion soup.
One tablespoon of
Garlic powder,
A bay leaf, some basil,
A cup of water.
Three cups of
Bread crumbs and
That’s that:
No eye of newt,
No wool of bat.
Now, in one of
Your biggest pans,
Squish it together
With both your hands,
Washing them
Thoroughly first,
Of course,
So you don’t
Give wifey E-coli...
Or worse.
Then pat it,
And prick it,
And mark it with B,
And make two loaves
For wifey and me.
Bake one tonight
With some rice
To please her,
And pop the other
In the freezer.
It’s the best
Meat loaf ever!
I’m not being smug,
And if it’s not,
I’ll eat a bug.
But the recipe’s crucial!
Only an oaf
Would go gentle
Into his own meat loaf,
Or into that
Good night either,
Old man.
... but follow the
Meat loaf plan.
A good recipe is
The best guide,
Of course.
I wish
There was one
For writing verse.
Or one for love,
Or one for life,
Or a recipe
A cup of cheer,
A dash of duty,
Fifteen couplets
On her beauty,
A stick of ginger...
About an inch,
A pinch of love,
A loving pinch,
Some succulent tidbits,
A hint of humor,
A dollop of gossip,
A juicy rumor,
A trace of shame,
An innocent smile,
A splash of wit,
A jigger of guile,
An evening of wine,
A night of laughter,
Breakfast in bed
The morning after,
A scoop of sweet
For her sweet tooth,
A double tablespoon
Of truth,
Three squirts,
Until it hurts,
Being handy...
A generous measure,
Some lemon zest,
And all your treasure.
And apologies
To Dylan Thomas,
But hold the rage.
It’s best, I promise.
No rage, no blame,
No sulk, no spat
When the grand
Soufflé falls flat,
Cuz there’s
You lump!
And marriage isn’t
A meat loaf, chump!
It’s a blessed,
Holy, sacred union,
Not ground beef
And a yellow onion.
And you won’t
Find a wife in a
Pan or a woc or
A recipe by
Betty Crocker,
Or cover up a
Meat loaf smell
With lines from a
Thomas villanelle.
A meat loaf-
Thomas tune?
Well, I had to
Cook up something
For June