Maid in China
            Inside Apple’s Chinese ‘sweatshop’ factory in Shenzhen China,
            where workers are paid 1.12 pounds per hour,
            suicide nets have been installed to stop workers
            leaping to their deaths. Daily Mail, 28 Jan. 2013

Mai Wong was sixteen, and then when
She went to find work in Shenzhen,
Apple... the wealthiest business on Earth...
Assessed Mai Wong’s manual labor as worth
Fifteen dollars for a ten hour shift
With an unpaid half-hour break... as a gift.
She was spied on by cameras from Go-Pro
Buffing Apple’s aluminum logo.
The abrasive grit buffers and sand
Soon crippled her working right hand.
She switched to her left, but could see
What the rest of her short life would be.
Her one moment of JOY, clear of any regret,
Was the moment she cleared the suicide net.
The world never knew Mai Wong was alive.
Apple’s response? “Clean-up on aisle five.”