lower case

You wouldn’t notice me as i pass.
i’m no one... nobody. i’m quite lower class.

With ear-buds in place and my eyes on the screen,
i’m talking to you. You’re my favorite machine.

Machines once were scary. How huge you could be,
But i watched you get smaller and smaller... like me.

Human voices are strident and not often cheery,
But your voice is friendly and soothing... like SIRI.

If i’m not lower class, still i do know my place,
And perhaps, after all, i am just lower case.

So i text you, machine, just to tell you, “Hello.”
i’m not sad to know you; my name is john doe.

i hope i’m not forward, but the reason i send
Is to ask you and FaceBook to please be my “friend.”

When i talk to machines, i’m not quite so sad.
iPad     and     iPad     and     iPad     and     iPad

And when machines “like” me, i’m not so alone.
iPhone     and     iPhone     and     iPhone     and     iPhone

With you as a friend, i’m at one with my god.
iPod     and     iPod     and     iPod     and     iPod

Soon the world will be yours when all humans have died.
Should we lower case creatures just step aside?

i won’t send a picture. i have no bold face,
But i raise my Caps to you, for i’m lower case.