Love Song to George

George W. Bush: "The terrorists have
highjacked a great religion to serve
political ends." Shocking, George,
but somehow familiar.

It's not corporate cheating
Or the Earth overheating, oh no.
It's not congressmen lying
Or polar bears dying, oh no.
It's not war and its rumors
Or cancerous tumors,
Or radical Christians
On political missions.
It's not even children with guns
Or baseball and steroid home runs.
It's not crack or cocaine
That drives me insane,
Or Sunnis and Shia
Who won't even talk,
Or that underpaid teachers
Must buy their own chalk.
And it's not Jerry Springer, at all,
Maury Povich or Anna Nicole,
Or all the vile vulture
Of popular culture, oh no.
And it isn't the fact that so many
Still tolerate Rumsfeld and Cheney,
Or the fear that I feel for the future,
When our leaders legitimize torture,
Or all the ill-will that awaits us
When the whole world finally hates us.
And it's not fear of terror attack,
Or the stock market crashing. In fact,
It's not the pale moon that excites me,
That chills and affrights me, oh no,
It's just the nearness of you.