Justice Quatrains

Affirmative Action

Laws favoring minorities
Now outrage and incite men,
Though 300 years of slavery
Did somewhat favor white men.


Redistribution of the country’s wealth
Is Marxist treason! Which...
Threatens distribution
Of more wealth to the rich.


Someone else pays your medical bills
If you’re on the insurance lists.
If only the rich have insurance,
They’re the socialists.

Grand Obstructionist Party

The GOP agenda seems
Balanced, fair, and healthy:
For the uninsured and jobless: Zip,
And tax-cuts for the wealthy.

Second Amendment

Bullets fly through the kitchen door
Smashing cups and dishes.
It must be one of those NRA
Well-regulated militias.

Sex ED.

“Abstinence training only
Will make our children be good.
Look how well it works for us,”
Claims the Catholic priesthood.