Plum pudding, bread pudding, creme brulee,
Cobblers, sundaes, strawberry parfait!
Fudge brownies, carrot cake, tiramisu,
Streusel, strudel, baked Alaska too!
Gelato, ice cream, licorice whips,
Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips!
Can we take ‘em with us when we die?
Key lime, pumpkin, and pecan pie?
If it’s truly Heaven, there should be treats.
What kind of paradise has no sweets?
I know it’s the end of a fabulous feast,
But there outta be something for “afters” at least.
Though my sins be scarlet as red velvet cake,
Aren’t I forgiven for goodness sake?
Would it be such a hoo-ha or big kerfuffle
If I smuggled in a chocolate truffle?
I haven’t earned ‘em. I’ll miss ‘em. IT HURTS!
But my foes assure me it’s just desserts.