It’s gravity defying!
It’s a superhuman skill.
To keep those spheroids flying
Is a test of human will.
Three balls spin behind his back;
Three more bounce off the wall.
No way he can keep this up.
Then he adds another ball!
He’s like a grand magician
With a hundred magic tricks.
Now he’s spinning China platters
On those whirly-twirly sticks.
Four balls aloft in just one hand,
He grabs his bag of gadgets,
And now he’s tossing indian clubs,
Apples, knives, and hatchets.
And he keeps a running patter up;
He’s a jokester. He’s a clown.
What’s this? A sub-prime mortgage
That just went upside-down
And a foreclosure notice
From JP Morgan Chase
Who’ve wrecked his credit scores
And put collectors on his case?
Here’s a pink-slip from his day job;
Now his livelihood's in doubt.
No health care for his family,
And his COBRA’s running out.
Blue Cross may help... if he can file
Their ten page inquisition.
No luck! He’s got a
Preexisting health condition.
Crabgrass and creeping charlie
Are eating up his lawn,
And his dotty mother calls to say
The Rapture has begun.
Can he keep the whole thing whirling
By some superhuman force?
It’s breathtaking to see. And now
His wife wants a divorce!
Throw in a teenage daughter
With a nasal ring or two
And her boyfriend with the Mohawk
And the swastika tattoo
And you’ve got a real show-stopper.
Hits ‘em where they live, you know?
And they’re on their feet applauding.
Yes, he gets a standing O.
Cuz he makes it look so easy!
That’s the part that must be hardest,
Always smiling for the public.
Just amazing! What an artist.