God:       Slade, my child in whom I am well pleased! Fear not! I have heard thy
              prayer and have prepared a way for thee. But pray again! What wouldst
              thou beg that shall not be My offer, not thy asking?

Slade:   A job, Lord!

God:      And so it is. Hear now what I have planned for thee.

Slade:   Your servant ever, Lord!

God:     So be it when thou shalt hear! You shall be placed in a room with teenagers
             .....sixteen teenagers.....and the doors shall be shut upon thee.....for an hour.

Slade:  Thank You, Lord!

God:     .....sixteen teenagers of every kind, female and male.....male and female shalt
            they a closed room.....for an hour.

Slade:  Thank You, Lord!

God:    And this shalt thou do for Me five times each day.....for an hour shalt thou
           do this.....each day.....five times.

Slade:  Five?! Thank You, Lord!

God:    ....for thirty years!

Slade (aside):    (Sweet Jesus!)

God:     Speak up, child!

Slade:  Thy will be done, Lord! All praise to Thee!

God:     .....for thirty years shalt thou do this.....five times each day.....for an hour.

Slade:  Yes, Lord. Was that thirty years, Lord?

God:    As you were, My son. Actually, no.....for thirty-five years shalt thou DO!

Slade: Thirty-five. Thank You, Lord.

God:    Go now forth...and serve!

Slade: Sir, You did understand I meant "job" with a small "j," didn't You?

God:    GO!!