Bozo is clownish
Pigs are stylish
Gravity’s downish
Anger Irish
Improv is skittish
Massage is rubbish
Britches are British
Taverns publish
Fission is fishy
Winnie is poohish
Gossip is dishy
Chimneys fluish
Bitter is bitchy
Ticks are ticklish
Twitter is twitchy
Liquors licorice
Cliques are clackish
Radishes reddish
Brackets are brackish
A nerd is a nebbish
Manes are mannish
Squids are squishy
Bridges are Spanish
Isms ishy
Popes are popish
Freud was id-ish
Fools are foppish
Kaddish is Yiddish
Angers anguish
Don’t eat quiche
Languages languish
Or microfiche
Swindlers are swinish
Slade is owlish
Three threes are 9-ish
Slade is jowlish
Genius is brainish
A trout is Finnish
A torte is Danish
Eat your spinach
Eons are longish
Now is soonish
Sin is wrongish
Twelve is noonish
Oafs are loutish
Reeds are thinnish
Gays are out-ish
Fads are in-ish
Ish-s are squeamish
Meekish and blandish
Nothing extremish
Nothing outlandish
Sort of and maybe-ish
Wimpish and weepish
Childish and babyish
Shrimpish and sheepish
Wish me good wishes
Or help with the dishes
Or sleep with the fishes
But ish me no ish-s