Indeterminacy alone does
           justice to the mystery of
           existence. - Nell Smith

It is what it is
Unless it isn’t
You can be what you dream
Unless you can’t
Two twos are four
Except when they aren’t
We shall overcome
Unless we shant

Damned if I do
Damned if I don’t
Maybe I will
Maybe I won’t
My words ring true
When they don’t ring hollow
Profound on the surface
Down deep I’m shallow

Life is a blast
If it isn’t a dud
Protect your good name
Unless it’s mud
Beat a dead horse
But don’t make him drink
If you lead him to water,
He’s dead. He’ll sink.

Dip dip
My little ship
Dip a toe in the water
A chip in the dip
Blow smoke and gaskets
The whistle, this joint
Blow your brains out
What’s the point?

Carpe Diem
Don’t hesitate
But good things come
To those who wait
Love is all you need
Unless you need a car
Stay safe at home
And you’ll go far


Get a room or
Get a life
Get an earful
Get a wife
Get over it
Get up, get down
Get lost, get going,
Get out of town

You may take communion
If you’re straight as a saint
If you’re gay or a sinner
Stay home. You mayn’t.
God is great and
I’m a believer
But after Eden He’s an

Panties in a wad
Knickers in a twist
Dumb as a post
Never been kissed
Missed my chance
For real romance
I see London
I see France

Fox in my hen house
Butterfly in my stomach
Bat in my belfry
Bee in my bonnet
Fly in my ointment
Ants in my pants
Pig in my poke
C’mon, let’s dance

You get the idea
Unless you don’t
I could go on
OK, I won’t
There’s just no end
So terminate it
It’s absolutely