In Defense of America

In my town they've closed the place
           Where mentally defective souls
Protected by the state were housed
           And turned them out to private homes
To be abused and sink or swim
           Or if they are insane enough
Courageously to run away
           And live in cardboard crates beneath
The bridges over Willow Street
           While in some board room where they tell
The politicians they have bought
           What best will serve the public weal
As P/E ratios augur well
           Their actuaries calculate
That building prisons on the site
           Will maximize the bottom line
For helpless souls are not the threat
           That sane men are who lose their jobs
When CEO's who once proclaimed
           That what was good for IBM
Would surely serve the nation best
           Have shipped the jobs to Mexico
So workers cannot earn enough
           To feed their kids at service jobs
And prisons may be preferable
           To jobless men with Walmart guns
Protected by the NRA
           In ski masks sewn in Swaziland
For Nike outlet malls in town
           Who rob all-night convenience stores
And in their rage kill high school girls
           Working late for college costs
They can't afford at colleges
           Where tenured egg-heads bore them stiff
While promising BA degrees
           In the expectancy of jobs
That never will exist again
           Who if they were not safely dead
Would marry tattooed neighbor boys
           Raised on gangsta-rap and weed
Who would abuse them anyway
           So better they were dead I say