In Memoriam

Farewell, old friend and mentor, my better half.
Once the World was ours. How we did laugh!
All history, philosophy, and science you were to me.
Your death before my own? A tragedy!
Story, myth, and lore were yours… thinkers and bards.
I'm lost for fit remembrance... lost for words.
On Time’s pilgrimage you kept the maps
Knowing before and after, and so perhaps
How to question wisely and answer best
The riddler’s riddle and the quester’s quest.
But I was never certain of your genius,
Nor ever quite the proper role between us,
Blinded by your Quixotic flare and heart,
I followed, taking Sancho Panza’s part.
I tried to serve and let you be the boss.
The roads of Earth had one more hill to cross.
You pointed where the way ahead was tending
Toward some joyous, some mysterious ending.
It seemed we had it safely figured out,
The means, the end, the dangers, and the route.
There was no fear when you were with me, friend.
If you die betimes, how shall I know the end?
Perhaps you're simply going on ahead, all death defying.
I was too slow perhaps. Perhaps it's me who's dying!
Alone... I stand a haunted castle, dark as doom;
Why have I come into this empty room,
All the text files of my life deleted,
Of so much sweet nostalgia cheated?
If you come safely home without me, light a light
That I may glimpse your candle in the night
And know that one of us at least is free,
Awake forever, as we dreamed to be.
Farewell, sweet Memory! Go on before. Adieu.
Remember me! …when I no more can you.