I Hear Dogs

We razed the Iron Curtain
And discovered Halliburton.
The Pentagon is running State;
The Agencies won’t regulate.
All the glaciers are melting down;
The coasts are coming into town.
There's 'roid rage in our star athletes,
And road rage in our city streets.
Video games feature blood and the gun;
Our kids are learning murder is fun.
Our daughters are pierced and nearly nude;
Our sons are spiked, juiced, and tatooed.
Popular music is run by creeps;
The top ten list is nothing but bleeps.
The 1st Amendment turned and bit us
And sent pornographers to git us.
We won the Cold War years ago,
And now big business runs the show.
The greatest gain since winning that war
Is the gap between the rich and poor.
Export the jobs, and if that fails,
Another war is good for sales.
Arid land is fertile soil;
Bomb the towns and take the oil.
The Nazis organize parades;
The rich retreat to plush stockades.
Religion has suffered a right-wing heist;
The money changers kidnapped Christ.
They bought up all the TV channels
And put their thugs on all the panels.
The Catholic Church locks out the gay
And winks as the holy fathers prey.
Can too much liberty and wealth
Be toxic to a nation's health?
Darwin's at fault for the moral decline;
Bush is pushing "Intellijint dezine."
He misunderestimated his slam-dunk war;
His "mission accomplished" was premature.
He's clueless at ending what he began,
But very sure he knows God's plan.
And why is Islam making a fuss?
Why don’t they wanna be like us?
I hear dogs beginning to bark.
Can bears have gotten into the park?