If I Live Before I Die

An embryo’s
Blind and groping
Need is
To become a fetus.
The fetus faces
Many harms
To issue forth
A babe-in-arms.
First a creeper,
Crawler, waddler,
The babe in time
Achieves the toddler.
Through playground crisis,
Adolescence cruel,
He graduates at last
From school,
But still no time
To think or rest,
Confronted with the
Cruelest test.
Twisting and turning
As hard as he can
He struggles
To bring forth a man.
Everything seems
To slide and slip.
He can’t get a toe-hold.
He can’t get a grip.
And once a man,
It’s more than tough.
There’s a better man.
It’s never enough.
Everything alters
Morphs and melts.
Everything changes to
Something else.
Nearing the grave,
Exhausted and worn,
He’s still struggling
To be born.
If Hereafter
There’s Life on high,
I hope to live
Before I die,
Without the
Just to live
And not die trying.