Hubble, Hubble,
What's the trouble?
Orbit wobble?
Should we cobble
Up a couple
With robo-bots
To find out what's
Causing spots
And hocus-pocus
With your focus?
If it's blurry,
Don't worry.
It's OK.
We've a spray
That cleanses
Blurry lenses.

It's not, I hope,
A gyroscope!
If so, I'll scold 'em!
Cuz I told 'em
Not to buy those
Chinese gyros
Made by pandas
They hand us.
Shoddy work? It's
Bamboo circuits!

Try treating
And reseating
The heating sheeting.
But if it's
Just call it quits.
Bubble trouble
In cooling tubing,
Spoils the coils.
Muck is sucked
In a duct
And you're... (in real trouble).

If ETs seize us,
Or Jesus sneezes,
Or a black-hole troll,
Or a gravity mole,
Or a space ghost,
We're toast.

Space trash can
Smash, gash, dash,
And crash your ass. Alas.
But don't tell us;
We're helpless,
And it's tactless
To contact us.
Nobody cares,
Settle your affairs,
Say your prayers,
Kneel with it,
And deal with it.