How to Write a Pome

Just START.  Sit down, put the pencil on the pad, and
START.  The first thing that will happen will be the lead
in your pencil breaking.  Get up.  Find the sharpener. 
Get settled again and START.
No subject?  There’s a dog snoozing on the couch,
cobwebs on the ceiling, neglected chores to be done,
and peas growing in the garden.  Just START.
Let the peas be on holiday from peas... as you will be on
holiday from you when you START.   What would peas be
on holiday?  Peacocks?  It’s a START. 
So you’re not Charles Lindbergh or Babe Ruth... nothing
peacock ever happens to you.  So be the Babe of Ballad,
the Sultan of Song... you’ll be the first.  Don’t know what a
ballad is?  Just be the Babe of Babble.  START.
Let words launch the Lucky Lindy in you, sweep away the
cobwebs, awake the sleeping dog.  With a little practice,
one day your pome may even jump up and do the chores.